Grade 9 WW1: only after the trench letter.

A World War? (3-4 lessons)

Lesson 1: introduction to theatres of war.

Students are going to research in groups (3or4s) the contribution of a non-European (excluding the USA) force from the selection:

Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa, Turkey, Class of 19/20 so 5 mixed groups of 4. Research is mainly homework, and then producing the actual video in class.

They then produce a 2 minute video broadcast on their nations contribution to WW1. They assess themselves according to class agreed criteria.

Censorship - How and why? (2 lessons)

Students learn about censorship during WW1 and censor their own trench letter that they produced for an earlier assessment. 2 lessons

Perhaps then a research homework on censorship in the modern world?

End of WW1: How did it end, what were the consequences? (2/3 lessons) Treaty of Versailles 'Scratcher'
Students produce their own 'Rock you' presentation of WW1. (Homework)

Individuals in History (after grade 7&8 trips). Students research an individual in History and produce a presentation on their achievements and importance in History. Extension students asked to consider the relevance of the 'great man of history' theory. Possibly also link with the Leaner Profile stuff and ask students to comment on which attribute best describes their individual and why?